Important information

Please be aware of the following;

Effective Immediately Tuesday 6th March 2012 Credit License Cancellation Lodged By Us With ASIC

Ability Finance have elected to cease all credit activities covered by ASIC credit licensing for various reasons including but not limited to;

Missing Link?

We were not prepared to continue with unsupported php scripts on our servers so as a result links to some other sites may have gone. If your site is finance or real estate related and you would still like to maintain links on our sites please contact us with your site information using this form.

With regards to finance related sites, in addition to this site we have the following available;

Lender Panel Changes

Ability Finance no longer offer products or services from the following lenders.

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • St George Bank
  • Westpac

Although these lenders were strongly supported by Ability Finance in the past, a combination of service levels, pricing and minimum volume requirements imposed by these lenders have contributed towards our decision to no longer represent, or offer products or services from these lenders.

Flexible Fixed Interest Rate Home Loan

Many fixed interest rate home loans have restrictions on the amount of additional repayments that can be made and redraw is not always available when a home loan interest rate is fixed.

There are exceptions to the rule though and one of our panel lenders offers unlimited lump sums during a fixed rate term, provided the loan is not paid out and discharged, and redraw is available.

Motor Vehicle Finance

No Financial Statements Required up to $100,000

We have a panel lender still able to offer great rates on motor vehicle finance.

Please see below our information on motor vehicle finance and also some information on the new Investment Allowance scheme:

Small Business Lending

Taxi Plates
One of our panel lenders continues to offer a highly competitive LVR and pricing model for all Taxi Plate funding across NSW. Funding for Taxi Plates is available for Owner Operators, Owner Managers and Passive Investors. Each of the ownership structures may have different documentation requirements. Please email us for further information.