Private Lenders Seeking Borrowers

Need Property Finance?

The Banks say no?

Look no further!

One of our panel lenders has private funders looking to lend NOW!

This panel lender has access to cashed up private funds who are genuine lenders looking to lend money for commercial and all types of construction loans.

With banks taking a tough stance in regard to all commercial property and construction lending, it is now more important than ever to utilise a finance broker and this lenders expertise in loan preparation, extensive contact base and private funder alternatives

With official interest rates at an all time low, it is now the most opportune and affordable time to borrow from the private funding sector with rates starting from below 7.00%. (Subject to change without notice. Check the posting date of this article)

This lenders close relationship with the private funders means that they know what the funders are looking for and can match the clients needs with an appropriate lender. A deal prepared for your you by this lender will greatly increase the likelihood of approval with fast turnaround times. These funders are ready to lend now.

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