Home Loan Option When Banks Say No


Unique home loan solutions for borrowers who may not be able to obtain a home loan elsewhere. Each application is considered on its individual merit. This lender specialises in;

  • Construction, owner-builder, removal & kit homes and uses on completion value.
  • Credit Impaired, the level of impairment not an issue, even currently Bankrupt (as long as bankruptcy is paid out in full at settlement).
  • All postcodes and land sizes considered.
  • Short term employment (including self employed).
  • Day old ABN with cash flows.
  • 30 year loans for over 60’s age group.
  • Gifted deposits.
  • Third party security.
  • Centrelink recipients.
  • Land only (with intention to build).
  • Unpaid council rates.
  • Accept rental, child support payment and boarder income.
  • 99 year Perpetual leases, even the over 55 retirement villages.
  • Credit impaired-no LMI up to 80% LVR.


  • Variable Rate Home Loan, no ongoing fees and charges.
  • Low interest rate & deferred establishment fees
  • Interest only available on investment & owner occupied
  • Refinance or debt consolidation/ free redraw
  • Term 30 years (interest only option -5 years maximum converting to P & I instalments over the remaining term of 25 years)
  • Interest Rate Variable call for rates.
  • Monthly Service Fee Not applicable.
  • Upfront Fees Valuation fee only.
  • Establishment Fee 1.00% of loan amount or $990-00 whichever is the greater.
  • Redraw Free redraw available.
  • Additional Repayment Extra payments can be made to pay off the home loan sooner.
  • Early Exit Fee 3.00% First Year 2.00% Second Year 1.00% Third Year.
  • Normal Government fees and charges apply.
  • Solicitors document preparation fees applicable
  • Correct as at 15 Nov 2008 subject to change without notice.
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