Home Loan Below 5 Percent

One of our lenders if offering the following great deal home loan with an interest rate that has fallen below the 5 percent mark.

Additional benefits and some restrictions are listed below and there is a second option of taking and even lower honeymoon interest rate for the first 12 months which reverts to an interest rate just below 6 percent from the beginning of the second year.

  • FullDoc only (available for construction)
  • Max LVR 80%
  • Max loan amount $750K
  • 100% redraw offset
  • Unlimited redraws at no cost
  • Fully transactional with Visa debit card
  • Principle & Interest repayments only (except during construction period)
  • No ongoing monthly or annual fees

This offer will especially appeal to existing home loan borrowers looking to refinance to a better deal.

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