Flexible Fixed Interest Rate Home Loan

Many fixed interest rate home loans have restrictions on the amount of additional repayments that can be made and redraw is not always available when a home loan interest rate is fixed.

There are exceptions to the rule though and one of our panel lenders offers unlimited lump sums during a fixed rate term, provided the loan is not paid out and discharged, and redraw is available.

Redraw is $20.00 per transaction, minimum redraw is $100.00 and if the redraw amount exceeds $20,000 a Title search fee will apply. Repayments may be skipped if additional repayments covering the skipped payments have been made.

Interest only repayments are available for up to 5 years plus there is an option to set up a partial offset.

Transactional accounts are available and a credit card with a discounted interest rate for the first 12 months is offered and phone and Internet banking are available.

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