RBA Cash Rate Down to 3 Percent

Australian Cash Rate 3.00%

The Reserve Bank today announced the cash rate will reduce to 3.00 percent, effective tomorrow the 8th April 2009.

This is the lowest the cash rate has been for 49 years.

At this stage we are only aware of one lender passing on any of the cut with Commonwealth announcing they will reduce the standard variable interest rate by 0.10 percent.

The below graph shows the history of the cash rate in Australia since 1990. The average cash rate over this time is 7.03 percent.

Phoenix Home Loan

The Phoenix Home Loan has been specifically designed for borrowers who just don't fit the standard lending criteria of most financial institutions.

This includes borrowers who may be credit impaired, had a court judgement listed on their credit file, or may even be financially overexposed with the country's mortgage insurers.

The Phoenix Home Loan also allows for a self employed applicant to borrow up to 90 percent of their residential property, without having to provide any financials.

Fee Free Home Loan

  • $0   Application Fee ($299 charged if approved, but client fails to settle)
  • $0   Valuation Fee (Metro Property <$500k; $275 charged for all loans <$200k)
  • $0   Documentation Fee ($549 charged for all loans <$200k)
  • $0   Construction Valuation Fees ($550 charged for all loans <$350k)
  • $0   Settlement Fee
  • $0   Brokerage Fee
  • $0   Annual Fee
  • $0   Monthly Fees

30 Percent Investment Allowance Opportunity

Grow Your Business.

The Federal Government has announced a 30 percent Investment Allowance on all new goods purchased for business purposes and installed by 30th June 2009.

There could be also benefits that extend beyond this period.

This could mean that a $50,000 new car or equipment will give a one off tax deduction of $15,000 on top of the normal depreciation allowed.

Business's seeking finance should contact us to find out about about capitalising on this offer with finance.

Home Loan Below 5 Percent

One of our lenders if offering the following great deal home loan with an interest rate that has fallen below the 5 percent mark.

Additional benefits and some restrictions are listed below and there is a second option of taking and even lower honeymoon interest rate for the first 12 months which reverts to an interest rate just below 6 percent from the beginning of the second year.

Lenders Lower Interest Rates

Following the Reserve Bank lowering of the cash rate by 1.00 percent on Tuesday most lenders are passing on the full reduction to customers who are currently on or applying for variable interest rate home loans. Lenders who have already officially announced the full 1.00 percent cut include;

Private Lenders Seeking Borrowers

Need Property Finance?

The Banks say no?

Look no further!

One of our panel lenders has private funders looking to lend NOW!

This panel lender has access to cashed up private funds who are genuine lenders looking to lend money for commercial and all types of construction loans.

With banks taking a tough stance in regard to all commercial property and construction lending, it is now more important than ever to utilise a finance broker and this lenders expertise in loan preparation, extensive contact base and private funder alternatives

First Home Owners Grant as a Deposit

Yes the first home owners grant can be used as a deposit for your home loan.

There are many different lenders with policy that varies but one very important fact to keep in mind is that lenders mortgage insurance, if applicable, can vary.

We have seen variations in excess of $10,000 in lenders mortgage insurance for the exact same loan and borrowers in the past.

Simply structuring your first home buyer loan to reduce lenders mortgage insurance can literally save you thousands of dollars in some cases.